My Hearing Journey

Over the years I have shared about what it was like to lose my hearing as well as my thoughts and feelings as my hearing worsened to the point that I needed a cochlear implant.  As the time came for me to have surgery and receive a cochlear implant, I also shared my experiences with the implant surgery, recovery and, rehabilitation.  Please feel free to read any (or all) of these postings and join me on this journey. Earlier posts about my hearing adventure:

Reflections on Going Deaf                                June 30, 2011

A New Cyborg Adventure                                 March 12, 2014

Managing Expectations                                     March 24, 2014

Cyborg Adventure: Realistic Expectations         April 15, 2014

T-minus Two Weeks and Counting                    May 5, 2014

Surgery and Recovery                                        June 6, 2014

Cyborg Adventure: Activation!                           July 2, 2014

 Living in Cyborgia: One Month Anniversary     August 8, 2014

Reprogramming My Head                                 October 29, 2014

Good News, Bad News                                      March 13, 2015




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