The Super Bowl of Lent

The Super Bowl of Lent

Our season of Lent begins this coming Wednesday, February 22nd.

But what does that mean?

The season of Lent is a time that we have set aside as a season of preparation.  It is a time to remember and to reflect.  We will soon celebrate Jesus’ resurrection at Easter but also, like any of life’s significant endeavors, in order to do something well, we must take the time to prepare. 

Many of us recently watched the Super Bowl, but you can be sure that none of those on the field just woke up that morning and decided to walk onto the field.  Despite the relative youth of many of those players, they have all spent much of their lives in preparation, in learning the game, refining their skill, daily building strength and stamina through rigorous exercise and brutal daily workouts, and finally competing regularly against those who are the best in the world at what they do.  This week, professional baseball players will begin their preparations. On February 13th pitchers and catchers, and on February 16th position players will report for Spring Training so that when baseball season begins on March 30th, they will be back in the habit of working together on the field.

Easter is the biggest event of the church year  and  is a bookend to the Christmas story.  For that reason, both emotionally and spiritually, we don’t want to show up unprepared.  We don’t want to cram all our preparations into one hurried trip to Wal-Mart the night before.  Instead, let us commit to a season or preparation so that we will arrive on Easter morning properly prepared, with our hearts renewed, our souls properly exercised, and fully open to the joy, wonder, excitement, and the calling of God.

Join us so that our team can prepare together during this season of anticipation.


Pastor John

Christ United Methodist Church

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