The 80-20 Rule

The 80-20 Rule

Some years ago, when we were serving First United Methodist Church in Barnesville, Ohio, there was a Radio Shack store, inside of a pharmacy, just a block or so away from my office.  I didn’t shop there often, but for some projects it was handy to pick up needed supplies.  But suddenly, there were “Going Out of Business Sale” signs across the front of the store, along with a schedule of weekly discounts that began at 20 percent and ended around 70 or 80 percent when the store would close. 

I was a little sad that a store that I liked and found to be convenient, was going to close, even if I didn’t shop there as often as I might have liked.  But, in this case, I knew the owner.  And so, one day when I bumped into him, I asked him why he was closing the store and his answer was both sensible and simple.  He said that the Radio Shack part of the business consumed 80 percent of his time and effort but generated only 20 percent of his revenue.  Even worse, it occupied over 80 percent of the square footage of his store.  As a result, closing the Radio Shack and moving the pharmacy across the street to a smaller store, with lower rent, ended up saving him as much money as the Radio Shack franchise generated in income, while saving him 80 percent of his time and effort.

Of course, we aren’t running a pharmacy or a Radio Shack franchise, but there is a similar 80-20 rule that applies to churches and volunteer organizations everywhere.  That rule is that, in general, 80 percent of the work is done by 20 percent of the people.  Without doing the math, my feeling is that, at Christ Church, the percentage of our congregation that are “doing the work” is much higher than 20 percent, but our goal is always to do better.

This week our Staff Parish Relations Committee met to begin our Charge Conference paperwork, and our church committees have already begun discussing their budgets for next year as they also prepare for Charge Conference.  Soon, our Nominations and Leadership Development Committee will begin to meet, discuss, and nominate those who will lead and serve on the committees, missions, and ministries of Christ Church during 2023.  I hope that, even now, you will begin to think and pray about how you can be a part of what we are doing for the kingdom of God together.

Why?  Simply because we need you.  You have thoughts, ideas, skills, talents, knowledge, and abilities that no one else has.  Your suggestions, and your help, can and will take us places that we could not go without you.  If you aren’t one of those “20 percent” that are already doing six things, I hope that you will consider where you might “plug in” next year.  I hope, that as our nominating committee begins to meet, that you might consider saying “yes” to positions that they might ask you about, or be prepared to say “no, but” and suggest some other place that you feel is more suitable and better matches your skills.  I hope that you will not sit on the sidelines and wonder “Why doesn’t my church do that other thing?” when you might just be the first person to think about it, and your suggestion might just be the catalyst for launching something new that benefits our community or helps our church to grow.

Jesus didn’t call 20 percent of his disciples to do 80 percent of the work, and he doesn’t do that now either.  Jesus calls upon all of us are to do the work of the church and the work of God’s kingdom.  Certainly, he is not calling everyone to serve on a committee, but if not, I hope that you will think about, and pray about, where God might be calling you to serve.


Pastor John

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